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Movies I'd Like To See: Stardust

19 Jun 2007

It seems Hollywood is beginning to see some value in creating decent fantastical movies. One I'm looking forward to is Stardust (trailer).

The site has a quote for which I cannot find any attribution. It may be original to the movie. I like it:

A philosopher once asked: Are we human because we gaze at the stars? Or do we gaze at them because we are human? Pointless really. Do the stars gaze back? Now that's a question.


The movie is written by Neil Gaiman which is would be good enough for me except that Hollywood has a tendency to really screw this kind of movie up. However, the trailer seems to indicate that this movie would be worth seeing. I hope it lives up to expectations. I also hope it actually makes it to God's backyard ... they have a tendency to not allow much of real entertainment here.
Yeah, like for instance, Pan's Labyrinth. Seen that one? I thought I would hate reading the subtitles, but after a few minutes I was so caught up in the characters and storyline it was almost like reading a great book. Stardust looks promising, but as usual for me, I'll wait for it to come out on DVD.

As far as the quote from the movie is concerned, the questions are not pointless, really.

If we gaze at the stars because we are human, it is possible that we are innately designed to know that Higher Intelligence who larger than ourselves out there, and we are naturally drawn to His manifestations. If we are human because we gaze at the stars, this could imply that we are allowing what we can see to blind us to what is just beyond our sight. We cannot fathom what is possible. We are limited. Both thoughts are quite intoxicating to the philosopher-at-heart.

I loved Pan's Labrynth!

But why wait? There's nothing like watching a movie on a big screen.