HarleyPig's Scripture Study Journal


Perl and Google Services

03 Jul 2007

I've noticed that people have been re-inventing the wheel with respect to communicating with Google services. They've been writing the basic communication over and over again.

I hope to take care of that with the Net::Google::GData module. I'll be releasing it to CPAN in a little while. Here's your chance to help shape this module before it becomes too set in its ways.

I *am* having some trouble deciding which is the best way to handle the atom feed. Obviously, the feed handler is going to need to be extended, but is it best to do it in the base GData package? or require each service module to handle it?

In any case, you can check it out here using either a browser or svn.

Let me know what you think. Patches definitely welcome.
Did this effort stall, or are you continuing to work on it?