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Life, My Universe and ...

09 Oct 2007


I'm in a holding pattern for the moment. We have no idea what's wrong with my back ... just that it's getting worse and it's taking longer each day just to get to the point where I can stand up at all. And no one is willing to hire someone for minimum hours at a decent wage and allow telecomuting.

I have another two weeks before the divorce hearing and I find out whether or not my kids get to grow up in a decent environment or get to be raised by a psycho.

So to pass the time I've been straightening up my linode server and installing various applications. Will Smith's post this morning made me realize ... I could (some would say *should*) do the same thing. So, I'll start posting about the apps that I'm installing and my comments on the setup, configuration and experience with the app.
Hang in there buddy, things always turn around and get better.