HarleyPig's Scripture Study Journal


Cleaning Up

10 Aug 2008

I was cleaning up *gasp* some stuff and came across this note I wrote to myself just a few weeks before going into the MTC. It's on a meeting schedule--September 24, 1989--as I hold this piece of paper that has somehow survived the last 19 tumultuous years I can still feel the surge of inspiration I got and the almost frantic search for a pen to get this written down.

On the other end of the last two decades, this holds so much more meaning and truth to me now than it did then and makes me wish I could somehow reach back in time and smack some sense into that young hard opinionated head.

"A family is like a vase of flowers.

The vase if the marriage, the water is the stuff that feeds the family, and the flowers are the members of the family.

The vase is anywhere from transparent to opaque--you build it from scratch.

The water is anywhere from sterile to delicious--you mix it yourself.

The flowers are all beautiful--at the beginning.

The vase and the water determine what kind of flower finally blooms.

The flowers can be separate or intertwined or anywhere in between.

This is a special vase:

The stalks in the vase are childhood--they see everything through your vase (marriage).

When the stalk emerges from the vase; that is, when the child leaves home--on a mission, to go to school, get married, or whatever--that is when they begin to bloom.

You can't always choose the flowers have on earth but you can work on them.

Choose the ingredients of you vase and water carefully--it is very hard to remix the water, and once the vase is set, nearly impossible to change."